Senior Web Developer - Full Stack

Palo Alto, California, United States | Web Development | Full-time


We build web applications and all necessary backend services for customer-facing features as well as administrative tools for our data center network analytics platform. We provide beautiful, fast and informative interface for visualizing hundreds of thousands of nodes and millions of events per second. We have a tradition of celebrating elegantly designed and well-tested code for every part of our product. We take pride in being able to push our latest code to production environments multiple times a day.

As an integral member of the web development team, you will be closely involved in product development cycle from conceptualization to deploying in production environments. You will be embedded within cross-functional teams that include big data engineers, data scientists and platform engineers. The features you develop will enable data center network visibility and management at unprecedented scale.

We hope that you are a self-motivated, passionate and curious team capability multiplier who enjoys developing libraries and tools as much as customer-facing features. You embrace agile methodologies that involve rapid prototyping by feedback gathered from customers, peers and technical support engineers.


  • Must be a strong software engineer with solid computer science fundamentals such as object oriented design, computer architecture, databases and networking issues related to web application development
  • Experience using backend frameworks such as Ruby on Rails or Django
  • Experience in developing single-page applications using Angular.js, Ember.js, backbone.js or React.js
  • Experience creating interactive charts using d3.js and its derivative charting frameworks
  • Ability to¬†distinguish strengths and weaknesses between SVG, Canvas and WebGL technologies to create highly scalable and interactive charts
  • Ability to build enjoyable user experience through accuracy, speed and precision
  • Experience with reactive design paradigms involved in developing message feeds and automatically updating charts based on content pushed from the backend using technologies such as websocket and server-side events
  • Clear Understanding of ORM layer capabilities to optimize application performance
  • Experience developing with asynchronous job processing infrastructures such as Resque, Sidekiq or Celery
  • Understand tradeoffs between storing data in SQL databases (MySQL, Postgres) vs. noSQL (MongoDB, Elasticsearch and Redis)
  • Experience in both consuming as well as developing secure and restful API services
  • Experience integrating applications with one or more of federated authentication frameworks such as Oauth and SAML
  • Experience debugging production deployment issues across distributed infrastructure involving many load balancers, app servers, caching servers and database nodes
  • You must have at least 5 years working with production code in immediately relevant field

Preferred Skills

  • Experience interfacing to high-rate message queue services such as Kafka and Rabbit MQ
  • Experience with interfacing to time-series databases such as Cassandra and Druid
  • Understanding of the security implications of using server-side sessions, browser cookies and browser local storage to implement context-aware, personalized and high-performance data visualization tools